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Landscaping FAQ’s

Specialist Garden and Landscaping Aftercare Advice

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Welcome to the Landscaping Cape Town FAQ’s. Our Landscape Specialists address the Common Concerns and Questions our clients have about their Garden Landscapes. We share our Expertise and Advice regarding Pruning, Fixing Brown Patches, Lawn Care and Maintenance, Water Wise Gardening, Landscaping and Gardening Aftercare Tips and more.

When is the best time to plant new trees and or plants?

Like with transplanting the best time to establish new plants are in the wetter colder months like winter and autumn. This gives root systems a good start to ensure that budding and flowering are well supported in spring and summer. Planting annuals however can be done right the way through the year to ensure you have additional colour.

Which is the best way to keep my dogs out of the garden beds?

If dogs are always going to be a part of your life and therefore your garden you can plant species of plants which are distasteful to the dogs which will discourage digging and chewing. Other alternatives are river boulders in your problems areas in your garden beds as well as surrounding groups of plants, not using products like bone meal or any other organic product containing chicken manure.

Is it possible to have my irrigation stay off when it rains without me having to manually turn it off?

Yes, we install only the best controllers which can be fitted with rain sensors. Ensuring you save money on water when it’s raining as well as not wasting water.

Which insecticides are the best to use for herbs and vegetable patches?

Any organic fertilizers and insecticides available at your local nursery which are safe for human consumption once applied to the plant will ensure you are able to eat and use everything you “harvest”.

Which are the best plants to plant to ensure I have a water wise garden?

Try and stick to indigenous plants, these will reward you with massive amounts of flowers as well as birds, bees and butterflies. Plants which are found in nature in close proximity to where you live will naturally thrive better in your garden.

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