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From Edible Landscapes to Garden Path Designs, Solar heating for Swimming Pools, Garden Design Ideas, Landscaping Advice, DIY Landscaping Projects and more, our Landscape Architects aim to bring you the latest in Landscaping and Gardening News!

The Western Cape has suffered the worst drought in the last few decades. It has been one of South Africa’s leading topics of discussion and has crawled its way through every media platform. This has raised some eyebrows, and more importantly, it has raised concerns for the future of the Western Cape. How will the […]

Your sight is distorted from the glimmering sun as you take your first steps onto the patio on one Saturday’s dawn. You place your hand between the blazing light and your fragile eyes to block the light prohibiting you the pleasure of the gazing into the salient horizon. Once you are able to regain your […]

Have you ever thought about trying to grow your own vegetable garden but you thought it was too much work and you don’t have enough experience? Stop thinking like that and follow these interestingly easy tips to create your own vegetable garden. Remember to start with a relatively small area to grow your vegetables. It […]

Starting to build a new garden isn’t difficult. Most people begin by going out into their yards with a shovel or garden tiller, digging up the dirt and putting in a few plants.

Been stuck with those ugly brown pot plants and you want to get rid of them? Don’t… These pot plants can come in use. Splash paint on them, give them designs with stickers and use them for all sorts of objects. A pencil holder? A Key holder? You can even use them to hold your […]

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