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From Edible Landscapes to Garden Path Designs, Solar heating for Swimming Pools, Garden Design Ideas, Landscaping Advice, DIY Landscaping Projects and more, our Landscape Architects aim to bring you the latest in Landscaping and Gardening News!

Preparing your garden for spring can happen as early as the fall and continue straight through the winter, making gardening a year round event. Gardening entails more than just planting new flowers or shrubs. If you are anxious to get outside and get started as soon as the weather turns nice, there are plenty of […]

This drum braai smoker is just the thing for when the power goes out. You can easily pop in a roast or chicken and not have to worry about load shedding. Plus, you don’t need any welding tools to make the braai smoker. You will need: Steel drum (see here for suppliers) Angle grinder, metal […]

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The advantages to growing fruit organically are obvious in the first bite. Your own organic fruit is not covered in arsenic (as some commercial apples are to lengthen shelf-life) or wax. Growing your own fruit means picking varieties for flavor, not looks or ability to travel. Your organic fruit may not be as picture perfect […]

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As with all living things, gardens need drinking, feeding and control over pests and disease. Knowledge on herbicides and pesticides, pruning, propagation and fertilising is of great value in the process of maintaining the garden you have created. Follow these guidelines and your garden will respond with beauty and health. Watering frequency depends on plant […]

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Follow these simple guidelines to make a leaf-shaped bird bath or garden sculpture with leaves and cement What you need: Cement River sand Leaves – larger leaves like this Colocasia (Elephant’s ear) are ideal. For bigger shapes you can use Gunnera A piece of shutter-board or scrap wood to work on Getting started: Step 1 […]

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