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From Edible Landscapes to Garden Path Designs, Solar heating for Swimming Pools, Garden Design Ideas, Landscaping Advice, DIY Landscaping Projects and more, our Landscape Architects aim to bring you the latest in Landscaping and Gardening News!

Skip the store-bought accents and give your garden a personalized spin with these easy-to-make containers, ornaments, fountains, and more. Bubble Fountain A small metal table becomes a fountain by swapping the glass top for a plastic planter bowl and dressing up both pieces with spray paint. A submersible pump and attached fountain bring the waterworks to […]

Enjoy tasty, homegrown vegetables on your doorstep, deck, patio, balcony, or garden with these herb and vegetable garden ideas for containers. Add Color with Containers Boost your garden’s color quotient by using bright pots. These glazed containers in cheery shades of blue, orange, and yellow instantly add interest to a display of purple basil, Hungarian […]

What’s more fun than growing your own fruit? Eating it. Growing your own fruit in your backyard not only makes you feel like an amazing gardener, but it’s healthier for you and your family. Store bought fruit is often picked before it’s ripe, meaning it’s not always the most nutritious or tastiest. It can also […]

Food is expensive. If you do the grocery shopping for your household, you know that this is one of the highest costs related to your home and family. While it may be unlikely that you can completely eliminate your grocery bill, you can grow certain foods yourself. And, you can grow them from scraps that […]

Eco or natural swimming pools have been around for quite some time and offer an alternative to any homeowner wanting a more eco-friendly alternative to a chemically-treated swimming pool. These types of swimming pools rely on natural filtration for healthy water treatment.   Image source   The idea behind an eco or natural swimming pool […]

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