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From Edible Landscapes to Garden Path Designs, Solar heating for Swimming Pools, Garden Design Ideas, Landscaping Advice, DIY Landscaping Projects and more, our Landscape Architects aim to bring you the latest in Landscaping and Gardening News!

We spend almost every summer wishing we could renovate our backyard, but sometimes, we’re not quite sure how to successfully pull it off.  That’s why we looked to HGTV handyman Chip Wade to share his pro tips for seamlessly nailing an outdoor reno. After Chip recently renovated his own backyard, he knew exactly how to […]

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Most of us might have heard the famous proverb as “The first impression is the best impression“. This proverb best explains while you are trying to sell homes or any property. Potential buyers when they visit to buy a home, the first thing that attracts them is the landscape of the house before entering inside […]

Boxwood Boxwood sets the standard for formal cut hedges. Its capacity to withstand successive shearing and molding into flawless geometric structures makes this evergreen a mainstream outskirt plant. You can likewise give it a chance to grow tall to give a screen or to make a labyrinth. Some assortments develop to 20 feet tall. Gleaming […]

If you have a patch of grass in your yard that you want to remove (for making a garden, patio, etc.), here’s a way you can do that without breaking your back digging it all up. It’s a great option when dealing with a small to medium size plot but be warned, this method will […]

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Outdoor lights can add magic and ambiance to your yard or patio space when the sun goes down, while providing safety and security at the same time. Why not go for function and a bit of decorative form and fun with these bright ideas for outdoor lighting. 1. Entrance Lights In addition to providing a […]

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