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From Edible Landscapes to Garden Path Designs, Solar heating for Swimming Pools, Garden Design Ideas, Landscaping Advice, DIY Landscaping Projects and more, our Landscape Architects aim to bring you the latest in Landscaping and Gardening News!

1. Start with a fluted vase. “That way, the arrangement will follow the lines of the vessel and feel more loose and natural,” says Erin. “A good rule of thumb is for the bouquet to be about three times as tall and two times as wide as the vase.” 2. Add stems. For the wild, organic […]

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Because your fur babies and your green babies aren’t always good for each other. ​​​ Few things are more frustrating to a gardener than walking outside to find that one’s pet has taken a chunk out of several (nearly ripe! perfectly plump!) tomatoes. On the flip side, the pangs of guilt would be unbearable if […]

Want to add additional charm and tranquility to your garden? Incorporate a water feature. No matter what size or type of garden you have, there are a number of water features that will fit into any design or space, as well as any budget. A garden pond can add special qualities to nearly any landscape. […]

These climbers can hide unwelcome features, cover bare walls and fences, and lend an air of wildness to even the most staid landscape. Plant one in April, and it could reach heights of 10, 20, even 30 feet by summer’s end. Coral honeysuckle(Lonicera sempervirens) Throughout this perennial’s long bloom time, from mid-June through September, its […]

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Just as you are about to enjoy some well-deserved downtime with friends on the patio, you hear that familiar buzz, and suddenly everyone is running for cover. Nobody can ruin an outdoor evening faster than a bunch of annoying mosquitoes! Use these natural ways to keep mosquitoes from bugging you. 1. Plant a Garden There […]

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