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This DIY Space-Saving Potting Bench Will Totally Change How You Garden

Potting benches can often take up a lot of space. So if space is limited in your backyard, this foldable pallet gardening table is the perfect solution.


Blogger Jenna Burger of Jenna Burger Design came up with the brilliant idea for this space-saving DIY potting table that attaches to the side of your house. The best part? It’s made from upcycled wood pallets which you can likely find for free at your nearest hardware or gardening store.


If you don’t like the rustic wood look, sand the pallet down and paint it a fun color—it’s a sure way to add a pop of summertime color to your backyard. Just make sure to seal it with Urethane to protect it from the elements—and don’t forget to use a drop cloth and wear protective gloves! When not in use, simply push up the horizontal pallet and hook it into place.