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Hanging Vegetable Garden

Home grown vegetables are a wonderful addition to any table. But adding them to your diet when you live in a place with limited space can be difficult. It can be done. One option is to add a hanging vegetable garden [1]where the vegetables are grown upside down. But what vegetables can be grown upside down? Let’s look at which vegetables to use.

What Vegetables Can Be Grown Upside Down?


Tomatoes [2] are one of the best known upside down vegetables. There are hundreds of tutorials online on how to grow these plants upside down and you can even buy kits to help you with this.

While any size tomatoes can be grown upside down, cherry tomatoes [3] tend to be easier to manage when growing vegetables upside down.


In a hanging vegetable garden, any vining vegetable can be grown and cucumbers [4]are often a popular choice.

You can grow slicing or pickling cucumbers as upside down vegetables, but pickling cucumbers will be the easier of the two choices. Avoid using bush cucumbers, as they will have a hard time growing using this method.


In your upside down hanging vegetable garden, you should consider growing eggplants [5]. Opt for smaller fruit varieties such as those from the egg shaped varieties, miniature varieties and even some of the slender Asian varieties.


Beans [6] do very well in hanging vegetable garden upside down. Both pole beans [7] and bush beans [8] can be grown upside down.


Peppers [9] and tomatoes are closely related so it is no surprise that, just like tomatoes, peppers are excellent upside down vegetables. Any variety of pepper, bell peppers, hot peppers [10], any variety of peppers, can be grown inverted.

Top of Your Upside Down Garden

The tops of your upside down gardening planters can also hold a few vegetables. Some good options for this area includes:

  • Lettuce [11]
  • Radishes [12]
  • Cress [13]
  • Herbs [14]

Growing vegetables upside down can be a good solution to small areas. Now that you know what vegetables can be grown upside down, you can start an upside down garden and enjoy those tasty home grown vegetables.