Month: May 2016

Landscaping Cape Town

Why Gardening Therapy is the New Health Trend We Should Start Doing

And the surprising way soil can improve your mental health It’s time to whip out your gardening gloves because not only are digging and weeding great exercise, a good stint of gardening boosts mental health too. Last month, we found out that people living in an area rich in vegetation have improved physical and mental health, and 30% of …

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broken mosaic plate

One-of-a-kind Mosaic Flowerpots

Create one-of-a-kind garden accents by covering flowerpots with a mosaic of broken ceramic pieces. Stop crying over broken pottery or porcelain. Instead, recycle the shards of a plate or vase to create these unique garden art accents. Before you begin, seek out your raw materials at flea markets or garage sales. You’ll find chipped and …

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raised garden bed

How to Build a Raised Bed

Raised beds make growing any plant easier. Use these easy instructions to build your own raised beds. Bonus! They don’t take up very much yard space. Grow in Raised Beds Raised beds are a gardener’s dream come true: From weeding to harvesting, in cool climates and waterlogged soils, raised beds remedy a host of problems. …

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