garden gardening tips for beginners

5 Essential gardening tips for new gardeners

So it’s the favourite time of the year for most of us when we put on our hat and gloves and step out for gardening. But if you’re a new gardener who wants to create a successful garden, you’ve come to the right place. In this post we’ve listed down 5 essential and effective gardening tips for new gardeners that will help in creating a beautiful garden.

1. Nutrient rich environment matters

Just like our body that needs nutrients to grow better and healthy, our plants too need a nutrient rich environment to grow and produce better. You can make a good mix of 1/3 compost or peat moss. However, if making your own compost is not possible, you can get the best organic compost from local gardening centre. Also, you can use designer outdoor pots and plantersto give your garden an appealing look.

2. Organic is important

Using organic materials means that your plants are healthy as there will be no persistent pesticides used.Moreover, it will produce seeds that you can save and use it for many more years to come. The plants grown will be very healthy and better than those produced using inorganic compounds.

3. Sun matters

When buying seeds from farmers, make sure that you ask about the growing procedure and also go through the back of your seed packet. There are some plants that need full sun, while some others grow better in shade. So you should place the outdoor pots and planters accordingly. Proper sun shade according to the plant’s need is essential for better growth of the plant. You can also create shades artificially when required.

4. Overwatering might be harmful

Every plant has different water needs and you need to understand it. Plants should get adequate water as overwater might kill the plants, causing root rot. So before watering, you can check by sticking a pencil deep and if you find the pencil to be damp when taken out, you can skip watering for the day.

5. Give proper space

Depending on the needs of the plants, you should give them proper space to grow.It is very important for proper growth of the plants and so it is always better to use large outdoor pots and planterswhen growing plants.

The above five tips will help you to create a successful garden and make your home look pleasing.

garden gardening tips for beginners