hydrophonic strawberries

Planting Hydroponic Strawberries

Do you wait for summer to grow strawberries? Well, you don’t have to necessarily wait for any season to grow strawberries or any of your favourite fruits, if you adopt hydroponic method of cultivating fruits, vegetables or herbs. If you’ve not heard of this method of farming yet, we could simply put it this way – hydroponics is the science of growing plants without the use of soil; rather, nutrients that plants normally get from soil are added to water.

There are multiple advantages of growing strawberries inhydroponics method, especially your favorite strawberries, and one of the most exciting of them all is growing strawberries not just in summer, but throughout the year. Yes, end of summer is never an end to getting fresh strawberries for growers, when they’re growing strawberries hydroponically. Hydroponic method of growing is designed in such a way that it allows farming throughout the year, regardless of any weather conditions.

You’ll also love the fact that hydroponic strawberries can be grown using much less space, and also in much less time. Strawberries grown hydroponically grow faster than the ones grown in soil. And, if you take into consideration the option of growing strawberries by utilizing the vertical space in your home or garden, the yields are going to be greater for sure!

Growing strawberries hydroponically will also save you from the troubles of weeds or parasites. Absence of soil in hydroponic method of growing will help you get rid of many other pests and diseases that plague plants grown in soil, and help you avoid the cost to get chemical fertilizers required for the same.

Strawberries can be grown this way by setting up your choice of hydroponics systems; and, there are multiple options available in the marketplace to choose the one that suits you well. Moreover, you’ll have full control over humidity, heat, nutrition and light provided to your hydroponic plants in this growing method.

If you plan to grow strawberries indoors or in a greenhouse, one of the biggest advantages would be that you will need no time to fight the ever-persistent squirrels or birds that love strawberries, probably as much as you do! And, you can’t actually blame any living being for getting attracted to hydroponic strawberries, as they’re definitely more nutritious and yummy than their soil-grown counterparts.

If you’re an eco-friendly grower, growing strawberries hydroponically will be a wise choice to make, as nutrients used in hydroponic method can be recycled. Moreover, hydroponics growing method gives you the opportunity of not polluting land with fertilizers loaded with chemicals.

Just make a simple choice of growing hydroponic strawberries anywhere you like – rooftop, corridor, garden or your living room! And, you’re all set to enjoy as many home-grown strawberries as you want year round. If you trust our words, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start a small business too. Just make a start by setting up a small hydroponic system, and a huge hydroponic strawberry grow operation may not be a thing of surprise in times to come!


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