string lights outside

9 Brilliant Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lights can add magic and ambiance to your yard or patio space when the sun goes down, while providing safety and security at the same time. Why not go for function and a bit of decorative form and fun with these bright ideas for outdoor lighting.

1. Entrance Lights

In addition to providing a well lit passage to a stoop, porch or steps, you can highlight any decoration or landscaping with entrance lights. Choose from wall mounted lighting or floodlights, or a combination. You can also install motion sensors to alert you to movement around your home; however, if your floodlights are too bright, they will create deep shadows, perfect hiding places for trespassers.

Entry Light

2. Solar Lights

Practical and economical, think about installing solar lighting where you need lights to illuminate a walkway or by a doorway. Bonus: Lights come on automatically and they’re low maintenance.

Solar Garden Light

3. Tiki Torches

Buy them at home supply stores, or if you’re not able to anchor them in the ground, then you can fill galvanized steel flower buckets with sand and anchor the torches in those. Use them to light a walkway or to light up a seating area or porch.

Tiki Torch Light

4. String Lights

String lights are extremely versatile and won’t break your budget. You can string them around your deck, an umbrella or pergola above your dining area, or through trees and around tall shrubs or topiaries. You can even “dress” them with shades to fit the occasion.

String Lights

5. Pool Lights

Highlight your pool and the surrounding features such as lighting under the bar or adding underwater lights for a dramatic glow, which makes it safer for nighttime swims. Or go the DIY route with glowing globe topiaries.

Pool At Night

6. Path Lights

You can choose budget lights or more expensive stakes, but the key thing to focus on is placement. Think of them as guides to where to walk next. Don’t use too many and use different but complimentary styles to avoid the look of the same lights lined up in rows like tin soldiers. In this case, less (as in number of lights) is more. At the same time, if you illuminate some plantings, your garden’s special features can still be showcased after dark. Tip: Hydrangeas look great after dark because of the texture of their blooms.

Solar Lights

7. Indirect Lights

You can uplight trees and downlight your house to create enough light to show the way without being so direct with your path lighting.

Gazebo Garden Lights

8. Moonlight

Create the effect of moonlight by installing lights high overhead. This creates an intimate feel.

Outdoor Light in Tree

9. Candlelight

Candlelight is at the warmer end of the spectrum from moonlight. Place candles on a table, and combine with overhead moonlighting for an extra pop of brilliance.


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