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Winter Garden

Do I need to worry about my Garden during the Winter time?

The answer to this question is yes. Of course during winter there is enough rain, moist and sun during the season. Although did you know that when you tend to your Garden in winter, like you do in summer, your plants will have a much stronger growth during the springtime. As long as you do certain tasks during the winter.


Continue to Watering Your Plants

During the winter you will have some areas that will have structures that will prevent your plants from being watered by the rain, getting any sun due to it being overcast and some structures will catch the moist instead of your actual plants. Which is why it should be important for you to check from time to time on your plants, make sure those who are under a certain shaded spot or even under a certain structure that prevents them from having sun, is doing alright. Also you would need to make sure that in these certain areas you check that the soil by any chance is not dry, as you may need to move your plants to a spot in the garden that will help them survive. If there is any further assistance, you are welcome to call Landscaping Cape Town, where we will advise you on these certain situations.


Removing of Dead Foliage

Always make sure that any plants that is not doing very well or is dead such as grass, vines, bushes, etc are removed from the garden. You could use them for compost in order to help other plants grow and strive.


Plant New Flowers and Veggies

Your garden doesn’t need to look so drab during winter. Add some extra flowers or better yet create that vegetable garden you have always wanted to do. You could even create beautiful pathways. Again if you need any help or even a quote which here at Landscaping Cape Town, we would be more than happy to assist.


Protect Delicate Plants from Winter Weather

During the winter you will expect certain plants to be sensitive during the cold weather. This is where we would advise to protect these plants. You can protect them by using certain materials to cover them.

To find out what type of materials to use to cover them. Give Landscaping Cape Town a call and we will let you know!