Create your own vegetable garden

Have you ever thought about trying to grow your own vegetable garden but you thought it was too much work and you don’t have enough experience? Stop thinking like that and follow these interestingly easy tips to create your own vegetable garden.

  • Remember to start with a relatively small area to grow your vegetables. It may be too ambitious to utilise a big area. Planting and growing your own vegetables in smaller area will allow you to maintain it.
  • Plant in a sunny area so that you can allow your plants to thrive in natural lighting. It has been researched that plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Choose wisely!
  • To measure a space that suits a vegetable garden would be 15×10 feet. This will provide you with enough space to start, as well as ensure that you have enough space for the vegetables to grow in a spacious area. We do not want them overlapping each other.
  • Create rows at least 10 rows that are 10 feet long. This will provide enough space to plant a sufficient amount of seeds.
  • For a small garden, you should probably choose your seeds wisely. Start off by planting tomato seeds, lettuce seeds, zucchini seeds, and perhaps you could plant beetroot seeds. Choose about ten various types to plant in each row.

Do not waste time at the farmer’s market when you can grow delicious, fresh and well-cared for vegetables in the comfort of your own garden!