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Your sight is distorted from the glimmering sun as you take your first steps onto the patio on one Saturday’s dawn. You place your hand between the blazing light and your fragile eyes to block the light prohibiting you the pleasure of the gazing into the salient horizon. Once you are able to regain your vision you notice the blue essence of the ocean as if it were reflecting the motions of your heart. You then gaze further along and you notice the sand as if it were the antidote to your melancholy. Then you begin to think how it would be interesting to incorporate a beachy essence to your own back yard.

Don’t dream about a Saturday a morning, but live a Saturday a morning! Sand is not only suited for your beach days, but you can experience a beach day any day of the week. And here is how! Click here to find out how you can incorporate a beach atmosphere in your own back garden!