irrigation garden


The Western Cape has suffered the worst drought in the last few decades. It has been one of South Africa’s leading topics of discussion and has crawled its way through every media platform. This has raised some eyebrows, and more importantly, it has raised concerns for the future of the Western Cape. How will the Western Cape survive the next five years if the water levels are near empty? However, what is more concerning is that the scattered communities in the Western Cape have failed to be educated about the water crisis. Many communities are not concerned with the amount of water they use on a daily basis. It should be known that most people have heard about the water crisis, but do not really understand the effect it has on the future. The reason some may not be bothered about the provinces water crisis is that there seems to be a general trend that some are not concerned with the amount of water they use when they are using it. It is necessary to inform those who do not know how to save water ways they can implement ways to save water.


Firstly, when you shower, place a bucket that can contain at least 10 liters of water. When the bucket is relatively full, you can use that water to water your plants, wash your car or wash the dog. Place a bucket on the lawn so that when it does rain, you can accumulate water without the use of a tap.  Another way you can save water would be to flush toilets only when it is necessary. This is something that most overlook. Flushing a toilet can use up to 10 liters at a time. Lastly, reduce the time you shower! Only shower for two minutes! Let us help the Western Cape preserve water for the future!