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The Six Types of Irrigation Systems

There are six different types of irrigation and sprinkler systems that Life Landscapes, the landscaping division of Life Green Group, works with. All of which offer different watering services to a garden.

Irrigation has revolutionized watering. A hosepipe is an outdated way of watering a garden. Hosepipes damage vegetation, require manual labour and wastes water – delivering large quantities of water to a small area.   The type of irrigation system you require depends on the watering objectives of clients, the type of garden and the plant species.

Drip irrigation

This is the most water-conscious of irrigation systems. The water is distributed directly onto the root system of the plant. Drip irrigation needs to be run for 30 minutes for it to take effect. Pipes with perforated holes are buried just below the surface, a blocker only lets the droplets out one at a time. Drip irrigation is a subtle way of watering without citizens getting angry about water restrictions.


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