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Kinds Of Bananas

This fruit is rich in potassium. Now what is it? You usually know it very well and been seeing this fruit every time you go grocery shopping. One of the most common fruits on our households and is color yellow. Yes, it is color yellow and that is the color we all know it has.

That fruit is, the banana. But it comes in different colors too. Have you seen a pink banana? I really think this banana color is pretty! So here they are, bananas in their colors aside from the usual yellow color that we all know.

Some fact about the banana:

* Bananas are grown for their fruits and as an ornamental plant.

* Banana is the answer to the question, “What is the largest herbaceous plant?”

* Banana isn’t a tree as we usually call it.

* A cluster of banana is called a bunch or banana stem and each fruit is referred to as finger.


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