How often should I water the lawn after planting grass seed?

For the seeds to germinate, the soil needs to be consistently moist and soil temperatures must be in the right range. Germination times vary with different species, but most lawn seed will germinate within 5 to 21 days.

When watering a new lawn, the best way of keeping the seed moist is by lightly sprinkling the seeded area of the lawn at least two to three times a day. Care must be taken to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out. The seeds could perish if they are allowed to dry once the germination process has begun. Your lawn may require more frequent watering depending on the soil type, weather, temperature, or wind. Sandy soils retain less water than loamy or clay soils. Remember, the best time for planting cool-season grasses is in the fall and warm-season grasses are best planted in the spring.