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Organic Vegetable Garden Idea

As more people learn about the harmful effects of many chemicals, growing plants organically has become more popular. That means rather than chemical fertilizers or sprays, practicing natural methods of pest control and fertilization. Your organic vegetable garden design layout can be beautiful. Your beds can be curvy and fit in nicely to your existing landscape. They can have some flowers in there for beauty and insect attraction. Remember beauty when planning your garden.

Integrate vegetable garden designs into the landscape by interspersing vegetables with flowers, shrubs and trees.  Keep compost piles close by rather than hiding it behind a shed. That way, you have compost nearby all season, which is handy because it allows you to regularly throw in kitchen scraps without trudging to the back of the property. Still thinking about beauty, but also other benefits, mix many species of plants together more naturally when planting a vegetable garden rather than having straight rows with just 1 species of plant each. The straight row approach is reminiscent of a farm field, while the mixed species approach is more of a natural, organic vegetable garden design layout.

Veggie Garden Design Tips:

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