Traditional Brick

Garden Edging Idea

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Traditional Brick Garden Edging Idea

If you’re having trouble deciding between various lawn edging ideas, consider concrete or brick pavers. They make a simple, handsome border and work well as lawn edging material too. They’re ideal when you want a wide border that keeps grass out of the garden, yet allows flowers and other plants to spill over without intruding onto the grass. Weather resistant, affordable and relatively easy to come by, bricks are one of the most popular and effective garden edging choices. They offer a timeless look that compliments any surrounding, traditional or contemporary. Bricks can be laid side-by-side or artfully arranged to create a pretty rock garden. To prevent unevenness, try setting them in a level bed of sand.

Bricks offer a great rustic look to your garden; recycled bricks offer the option of reducing your landscaping costs. You might even have some bricks laying around your own yard! Brick edging can also serve as a lovely pathway around garden beds.

Pros of Using Bricks for Garden Edging:

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