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Wooden Garden Edging Idea

Wood landscape edging is a simple and cost-effective way to make your garden look attractive and neat. Firstly, the area must be prepared to install the wood log edging. Start by digging a trench that is deep enough to secure the edging stakes in the ground while still leaving enough of the log above ground. Ideally, at least one-third of the log roll should be in the ground. Make sure the trench is level as you do not want your edging height to be unequal above ground. Next, you must tap your stakes into the ground at equal distance apart and ensure that the heights of your stakes are equal. Lastly, refill and pack your soil so that the edging is stable and secure.

Some people prefer to use a few logs stacked horizontally. This also looks very attractive. A square flower bed or vegetable patch can be easily created with a few log rolls.  This allows for stability as well as to ensure unwanted mulch, soil and grass do not spill in or out of the area. Alternatively, you can use wood log roll edging to construct a picket fence around the area.

Best Wood to Use for Garden Edging:

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