Urn-Like Fountain

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Urn-Like Fountain in Garden Pool Idea

Outdoor water features are a great Feng Shui element that can activate wealth sectors and also disperse negative energy. Building an outside water fountain or other water feature requires choosing a location, such as a garden or backyard. Feng Shui principles dictate a round- or oval-shaped water feature is the ideal shape. The best way to build an outdoor water feature using Feng Shui guidelines is to choose either the east or southeast sector of your yard. A bubbling pot/urn fountain is one of the easiest types of fountains to make. The most popular choice for this type of fountain is a large urn. You will need a bubbling urn, a number of accent spillways and plenty of Spanish tiles. Put everything in its spot with precision.

There are many choices of ceramic urns you can use. Most pond suppliers have entire kits you can purchase as well as individual urns. You can also use an existing urn or pot and adapt it for your needs by drilling a hole in the bottom or enlarging an existing drainage hole if needed. Keep in mind that the size of your urn should not be any larger than the basin width or diameter (if using a round basin).

Some Benefits of Installing a Water Feature:

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