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Plant a tree – and boost your home’s value

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Plant a tree – and boost your home’s value


Trees are not just good for the environment. They are also good for your home value.The goal of any property investment is to increase the value. You want it to be worth more than when you bought it. There are low-cost ways to add value and there are more expensive and in-depth renovations that can be done.

Determining your home’s resale value is the first step in the sales process, but it can be a complex task with so many contributing factors. There are simple things any property owner can do which can boost the appeal of your property. While these simple tips may not add tens of thousands of Rands to your property’s value, without doing them, you may not be able to realize the full potential value of your property.

It does not really matter when you want to sell your house, curb appeal is always important. A big part of curb appeal is the garden, garden design and how the yard and garden are cared for. A landscape does not establish overnight, so it is important to plan for the future when starting a garden or landscape design.

Trees will not only make your home more desirable, but a fully grown and properly placed tree can reduce your cooling costs by as much as 40 percent. Also, shrubs, colourful perennials and ornamental grasses will add curb appeal to any home. To boost your curb appeal, trees should be healthy, maintained, and planted in the right place. But if your tree poses a risk and could harm your home, removing it could boost your property value.

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