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Five ways to use your garden to support your wellbeing

Covid-19 has shown that pandemics can seriously affect people’s physical and mental healthStressanxiety and depression have increased around the world, with the greatest effects for those living under the strictest lockdowns.

Many people’s physical activity levels also fell during lockdown. Gardens, though, can help us push back against these negative effects.

Before the pandemic, having a garden was associated with better health and wellbeing, and this pattern has continued during Covid-19.

In our own research on garden use during the UK’s first lockdown – published as a working paper this summer – we found that more frequent garden visits were associated with better wellbeing.

Other work has also found that gardens have helped reduce mental distress during the pandemic.

With that in mind, here are five ways of using your garden that research suggests can improve your mental health. If you have access to an outdoor space and have been finding things difficult, you could try these out to boost your mood.

And if you’re feeling good now, you could use this chance to get ahead. Just as world leaders are being urged to prepare for the next pandemic, you can prepare your garden and develop habits now to better support your wellbeing in the future should there be another lockdown.

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