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Landscaping design and garden makeover ideas. All landscaping, garden edging, pools, paving, water features, irrigation systems, instant lawns and compost for your home. The best landscape designs are the ones that have been carefully thought out with attention paid to detail. Before planning any landscape project, it’s important to decide what style would best fit your home and lifestyle. One of the most important things in landscape design is to work with what you have. We’ve selected some garden ideas in order to begin envisioning the perfect garden for you!

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Landscaping Cape Town

Organic Vegetable Garden Idea

As more people learn about the harmful effects of many chemicals, growing plants organically has become more popular. That means rather than chemical fertilizers or sprays, practicing natural methods of pes…

Landscaping Cape Town

English Landscaping Garden Design Idea

The English Garden Style utilizes many shrubs and perennials in a design that complements the architectural style of your home. Other decorative elements might include an arbor…

Landscaping Cape Town

Wooden Garden Edging Idea

Wood landscape edging is a simple and cost-effective way to make your garden look attractive and neat. Firstly, the area must be prepared to install the wood log edging. Start by digging a trench that is deep enough to…

Landscaping Cape Town

Traditional Brick Garden Edging Idea

If you’re having trouble deciding between various lawn edging ideas, consider concrete or brick pavers. They make a simple, handsome border and work well as lawn edging material too. They’re ideal…

Landscaping Cape Town

Stone Walkway to the Pool Idea

Need a better way to get to your pool other than walking over grass? Make a stone slab walkway. You only need enough stones to reach from the door to your pool. There is also really no limit to how…

Landscaping Cape Town

Accent Plants in Your Pool Area Idea

You might already have a plant or two sitting in your backyard. So why not add a few more to liven up your swimming pool? Poolside plants add lush textures and vibrant splashes of colour that give your pool a …

Landscaping Cape Town

Circular Patio Paving Design Idea

Our homes are generally rectangular, or at least linear – but that doesn’t mean our outdoor living spaces need to be! While the size and shape of a patio…

Landscaping Cape Town

Checkered Paving Style Idea

Expertly mimicking a chess board, the checkered style remains one of the most popular patterns for classic / traditional designs. In most instances, two…

Landscaping Cape Town

DIY Easy Bucket Water Irrigation System Idea

A simple and effective watering system can be made using a raised bucket or drum attached to sprinkler hose. If you’re gardening in an area with limited access…

Landscaping Cape Town

Drip Irrigation System Idea

Have you ever thought about creating your own irrigation system for your garden? Imagine a garden that waters itself! If you have a relatively large garden, then you know how long it takes to …

Landscaping Cape Town

Easiest DIY Compost Bin Idea

Save money, benefit your garden, and help preserve the environment—all at the same time—with this simple DIY project. It’s a win-win all around. Compost bins are simple to make yourself…

Landscaping Cape Town

What to Compost and What not to Compost

Knowing what’s safe to throw in your composting bin, and what should stay out, can be confusing. Here’s a list to make it easy to compost.

Landscaping Cape Town

Instant Lawn Play Area Idea for Kids

You can turn your garden into a year-round play area by replacing the lawn with artificial grass; it provides a soft surface underneath climbing…

Landscaping Cape Town

Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Lawn

Is the grass covering the lawn, or are there bare spots where the dirt shows through? If your grass is not fully covering your front yard, you can either plant new grass seed or cover it with mulch and plant shrubs …

Landscaping Cape Town

Urn-Like Fountain in Garden Pool Idea

Outdoor water features are a great Feng Shui element that can activate wealth sectors and also disperse negative energy. Building an outside water fountain or other water feature requires…

Landscaping Cape Town

Outdoor Wall Fountain Design Ideas

Wall fountains are perfect for small patios or courtyards because they add an element of relaxation and a touch of style without taking up much space. Whatever look you are going…